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The Thrift Scores

We believe that reselling is a fundamental, time honored tradition. It keeps good vibes flowing through our communities. It’s great for the environment, no need for treasures to go to waste. It brings happiness and joy to the hearts of millions. We believe in these things, and in you..Together We Are The Thrift Scores.

Family Owned
Committed to our Family goals to give back and make a difference. 
We believe in our Community. You deserve an exceptional shopping experience. 
Veteran founded and operated. Happy to be of service here!

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Have something to sell? We’re looking to buy clothes, collectibles, and more! Prefer to have us list it on our networks? We can do that to! Fill out the form and Let’s Get Thrifty!
Looking to promote your eBay Store or Poshmark Closet? Contact us today and we’ll add you to the site!